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    Math Course 3 Back-to-School Night Video


    Math Lab Back-to-School Night Video


    If you should have any questions or concerns, please email me at scecil@fcusd.org.


    LATE WORK POLICY:  Students must submit Learning Target Reflections during the CURRENT unit of study.  Once a new unit is started, late reflections will not be accepted and will remain a zero in the grade book.


    RETAKE POLICY:  To be able to retake an assessment, students must:

    1.  Attend a FLEX Retake Workshop

    2.  Complete and pass an assignment given to the student at the FLEX Retake Workshop

    3.  Schedule the retake within 2 weeks from the assessment date


  • Stephanie Cecil
    Room 34, Math Teacher
    Email: scecil@fcusd.org 
    Phone: (916) 294-9045 ext. 710234

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