Welcome to Ms. Cecil's Classroom!


    Please visit Google Classroom for our Microsoft Teams LIVE Class Meeting link, all assignments, and class related materials. 


    If you should have any questions or concerns, please email me at scecil@fcusd.org.


    LATE WORK POLICY:  Students must submit Weekly Reflections during the CURRENT unit of study.  Once a new unit is started, late Weekly Reflections will not be accepted and will remain a zero in the grade book.


    RETAKE POLICY:  Students that have scored less than a 3 on any assessment have two weeks from the assessment date to retake. To be able to retake an assessment, students must:

    1.  Attend a Math Help Meeting

    2.  Complete and pass an assignment given to the student at the Math Help Meeting

    3.  Schedule the retake within 2 weeks from the assessment date


  • Stephanie Cecil
    Room 34, Math Teacher
    Email: scecil@fcusd.org 
    Phone: (916) 294-9045 ext. 710234

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