• Welcome to Kindergarten in Room 11!

    I am excited to be one of your child’s teachers and also to team teach with Mrs. Lafontaine again this year! We will work with you to make sure your child has a great Kindergarten year that includes doing our best to help your child become excited to learn and develop positive social relationships with his/her peers. 

    One way that you can help your child at home to be successful in school is to read to your child daily. Mrs. La has created a classroom library that students can borrow books from to take home and read. The public library is also a great resource for everyone to find age appropriate books that foster a love of reading. It doesn’t matter which language you read to your child in, just read! 

    Thank you for entrusting your child to us and know that we are committed to helping everyone have a successful year! 


    Mrs. Jones

  • Celeste Jones

    Kindergarten Teacher

    Room 11


    916-294-9165 Ext. 640211