Welcome to our Room 2 Crew!! Although this year has been unlike any other we have had (or hopefully will have again), I am still very much enjoying our school year with as much excitement and enthusiasm as ever.

    We begin HYBRID Learning on Thursday, November 12th, and within that framework, I will be working to ensure that our Kinders experience all that makes this early grade & school experience so much fun. We'll do lots of 'bootcamp' style learning of our letters, numbers, sounds, and beginning reading and writing skills, as well as mix in lots of music, stories, crafts, and hands-on learning.  

    Our class will continue to meet virtually every Monday from 8:25-8:45am for our weekly 'check-in' and then meet on-campus every Tuesday through Friday. The AM Group will attend school from 8:25-11:00am, while the PM Group will attend 12:00-2:37pm.  Students are required to socially distance and wear masks while on school campus.

    I am always available to answer questions, discuss ideas, or alleviate any concerns - please do not hesitate to reach out at any time - contact info is listed on the right side of this page! 

    ~Mrs. (Valerie) Owens



    Mrs. Valerie Owens, M.A.


    Room 2


    916.294.9175 ~ TJ Main Office