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    My dear Room 2 Families,

    While we give thanks for more time with our loved ones, this time apart and sudden 'wrench' in our routine is tough. Put simply, I miss your children and the sweet controlled chaos of a classroom filled with eager 6 & 7-year-olds. Our district is working tirelessly to develop a workable system for ALL students, and while that does not give us all the answers we want when we want them, I am trusting the process - knowing that the end goal is that ALL students are supported and able to thrive during this time of uncertainty.

    The minds of our children, now more than ever, are soaking up all that their environment has to teach them - while some lessons will be academic, many will be emotional, physical, and social. My goal, as their teacher, will be to support them in the same way I do in the classroom, which is as a calming, consistent adult presence, who loves them, and hears them. Some days their curiosity will run rampant, in which case, please use the links on this page to give them the resources to learn to their heart's content. On other days, they will need connection, in which case, please allow them to reach out to me on my cell phone (they can call anytime they need), write an email or letter to me, or call their friends. Some days, they may seek out cuddles and comfort, in which case, sometimes all they need is 10 minutes of time focused only on them - what a great opportunity to read them a story or simply listen to their thoughts! On other days, boredom may take over, in which case, you can use that opportunity to remind them that boredom is the great precursor to creativity and invention. (I realize this won't fly with them, but it is still a good reminder for us!)

    Thank you for your patience as we navigate this unknown path together - know that you can ALWAYS reach out to me, as I will have my phone and email with me daily. I'll be reaching out to each student individually, while also organizing classroom 'ZOOM' meetings to gather and share, AND just like everything else in life, we will take this journey together one day at a time!   

    With my deepest love, 

    Mrs. Owens


    Mrs. Owens

    Mrs. Valerie Owens

    First Grade, Room 2


    916.294.9175 ~ TJ Main Office