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    Contact Info: bzan@fcusd.org


    Welcome to Mr. Zan's classes   Bitmoji Image

    * 8th Grade US History

    * Exploratory Consumer Education

       (Personal Finance)

     I hope everyone has had a relaxing and refreshing summer break.  More importantly, I hope everyone is healthy!   Although this year is going to start off like no other year, I am very excited to get back to school and work with each of you.  My goal is to make this a smooth and meaningful year of learning and growing.

    Communication is going to be key this year!    Should have you any questions, please email me at bzan@fcusd.org.  I will return your email within the next school day.

    I will also be using Google Classroom and the Remind app to communicate with students.


    Google Classroom codes:                

    Advisory                               Code: qoxpxcd

    1st period - US History          Code:  y4vsxrb

    2nd period - US History         Code: juv7dam                       

    3rd period - US History         Code: 6v5hx3b             

    6th period - EXP Consumer Ed    Code:  xxkxwho  (Trimester 3)

    7th period - US History         Code: bkzekso


    Teams Class Meeting Links:  (open a new browswer window and copy and paste the link to your class period into the search bar and hit enter)

    Advisory: https://teams.microsoft.com/l/channel/19%3a1d14bdb0ae134f28a9dd976e3d752331%40thread.tacv2/General?groupId=4b50f48b-0c33-4b19-bd8e-0948efd24014&tenantId=8742d4d8-8ce9-4b0d-9304-7b359432d093

    Period 1:     https://teams.microsoft.com/l/channel/19%3af29ea7533c5f4ca7bab392ef200d14b6%40thread.tacv2/Teams%2520Meeting%2520Link%2520-%2520Period%25201?groupId=927a9517-8640-4f86-9583-93d179b3db87&tenantId=8742d4d8-8ce9-4b0d-9304-7b359432d093

    Period 2:     https://teams.microsoft.com/l/channel/19%3adc65ab32141940c2a9d5ae05fea1fe89%40thread.tacv2/Teams%2520Meeting%2520Link%2520-%2520Period%25202?groupId=abf4e3c8-de74-4924-948e-cc250a8e50a2&tenantId=8742d4d8-8ce9-4b0d-9304-7b359432d093

    Period 3:     https://teams.microsoft.com/l/channel/19%3a7134bdf4de724b7d8250a7de71da3c7d%40thread.tacv2/Teams%2520Meeting%2520Link%2520-%2520Period%25203?groupId=59c217f4-d266-495a-80d5-86b5fa7a33f5&tenantId=8742d4d8-8ce9-4b0d-9304-7b359432d093

    Period 6:  TRIMESTER 3 -    https://teams.microsoft.com/l/channel/19%3ae5ac2b4571f94e5291d6a77f4219f535%40thread.tacv2/General?groupId=3dd35200-5b87-4762-b7d0-6752a0e21f64&tenantId=8742d4d8-8ce9-4b0d-9304-7b359432d093

    Period 7:     https://teams.microsoft.com/l/channel/19%3ad2f226791cb64a90ac3e08aa5b7aaf59%40thread.tacv2/Teams%2520Meeting%2520Link%2520-%2520Period%25207?groupId=e4e2a664-7523-49bb-90b6-48eeaab24c23&tenantId=8742d4d8-8ce9-4b0d-9304-7b359432d093 


     Remind app codes: (download the app Remind on your Ios or Android device - it's free)

    1st period - US History -  text the message @h23fgb    to   81010

    2nd period - US History - text the message @9gbf88    to   81010

    3rd period - US History - text the message @9d8cec6   to  81010

    6th period - US History - text the message @6thpercons  to  81010

    7th period - US History - text the message @9g4g9d    to  81010


    Tech Issues?  Click here and complete the form:  fcusd.org/tech


    Let's have a great year!