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     US History

    Contact Info: bzan@fcusd.org


    Welcome to Mr. Zan's 8th Grade                         US History Class!

     I hope everyone had a relaxing and refreshing summer break.  I know I have.   I am very excited for the 2019-2020 school year and to be your teacher this year.  

     Should have any questions, please email me at bzan@fcusd.org  I will return your email within the next school day.

                                                            Schoology:  www.fcusd.schoology.com

    Google Classroom codes:                Schoology class codes:

    1st period:  wondlzt                                      1st period:   7NDS - 8BTV - HRJXX

    2nd period: w3uavq3                                    2nd period:  ZKKT - D6CD - PGNRG

    4th period: 2dthixj                                       4th period:   8PW9 - QDTM - STGS3

    6th period: 53mvizz                                     6th period:   DR8M - W2TK - NXB72


    Have a great year!