• Attendance and Grades with PowerSchool
    To check your child's attendance and/or grades at Natoma Station (or any other Folsom-Cordova Unified school), please click on the "Start Bar" section of the Natoma Station web site in the upper-right hand corner of the page on the "PowerSchool" button with the icon of a checklist and a student chair, between the "District Home" and "Pay for Lunch" buttons. From here, you will either "Create an Account" with PowerSchool or just sign in if you have already created an account.
    Please note that all parents will need to create a new account with PowerSchool, since EdLine is no longer active.  You will need an "Access ID" and "Access Password" for each child that you are linking to your parent account. This information will be provided from your child's school soon after school resumes.