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    Vista del Lago High School will be changing the daily bell schedule for the 2017-2018 school year to provide more opportunities for students to receive support, enrichment and other learning opportunities during the school day.  The bell schedule will be modified to provide 37 minutes of FlexTime (3 days per week) to provide students with individualized learning.  


    What is FlexTime?

    Vista del Lago’s FlexTime program is designed to ensure that every student at every grade level receives the additional time and support necessary for academic success.  Academic intervention will occur during the school day, and students are required rather than invited to devote the extra time and utilize the extra support necessary to gain the essential knowledge and skills imperative for content mastery.  Students that do not require intervention will have the opportunity to participate in enrichment activities, collaborate with teachers on current course work, or access other services provided by staff and community.


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    What will this look like at Vista?


    Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Questions about FlexTime?
    Please contact our Intervention Coordinator
    Phil Leonhardt