• Parents, 
    Here is the basic information for becoming a volunteer at FMS:

    If you already completed, Category 2 clearance with another school, please contact that school directly and have your paperwork sent to FMS. Or if you have completed with FMS before, check with our office to see if any information needs to be updated. Much of the application will carry over, however you will still need to fill out some of the site specific forms listed below.

                    Complete the Category 2 level paperwork. 

    ·         Complete a Category 2 Volunteer Application. If you have previously completed the application you still need to come to FMS office and fill ot a new Category -2 form every year. Category-2 application

    ·         Complete the volunteer agreement form.  Volunteer Agreement Form

    ·         View  the Medical Provider Network information  Medical Provider Network and return the form acknowledging you received it; once on file it remains on file.

    ·         Provide a current TB test result that reads 'negative' (meaning you do not have tb).  TB tests are good for 4 years and remain on file until they expire. If you have a copy of your test results or can print immunization records online, this will suffice. If you do not have a current TB test, you will need to get one from your health care provider. Please note, TB tests take 3-4 days to perform and two visits to your doctor (one to prick you, one to check for a reaction, several days later)

    You file the above paperwork with FMS.  Once it is processed, you will be sent to

    • Go to the District Office to be fingerprinted.  (DO NOT GO TO THE D.O. UNLESS FMS STAFF HAS SENT YOU WITH THE PROPER PAPERWORK).  Once fingerprinted, by the District (sorry other clearances do not count), your Category 2 status is good for as long as you remain in good standing with the DOJ.
    • Attend a Volunteer Orientation or (minimum) Acknowledge that you have reviewed the Volunteer Handbook;
    • File an Emergency Card  at the FMS Office
    • Have a photo taken so that you can receive a Volunteer ID Badge. This will be done at the district office