•  CTE Pathways


    Cordova High School's Career Technical Education Programs


    Career Technical Education (CTE) prepares students for College and Careers. Students learn academic and technical skills through project-based, hands-on authentic learning.

    CHS proudly offers five CTE Industry Sectors, seven CTE Pathways and four Career Technical Student Organizations!

     The industry sectors, pathways, courses, Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSO's), California Partnership Academies (CPA's) and the International Baccelaureate Career Programme (IB-CP) include:

    Industry Sector







    CPA & IB

    Agriculture and Natural Resources

    Sustainable Agriculture

     Sustainable AG Biology

     AG & Soil Chemistry

    Adv. Interdisciplinary Science for Sustainable AG



    AG Academy

    Agriculture and Natural Resources

     Animal Science

     Animal Science

     Advanced Animal Science




    AG Academy

     Agriculture and Natural Resources

     Ornamental Horticulture

    The Art & History of Floral Design

     Advanced Floral Design




    AG Academy

    Arts, Media & Entertainment

    Film/Video Production

    Digital Video Production

    Advanced Video Production (2023-2024)





     Building & Construction Trades

    Residential & Commercial Construction

    BITA 1  Residential Commercial Construction

    BITA 2  Study of Modern Craftsmanship

    Construction Management




    Health Science & Medical Technology

    Patient Care (IB-CP)

    Patient Care Year 1

    Patient Care Year 2





    Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation

    Food Service & Hospitality

    Foods & Nutrition

    Culinary Arts 1

    Culinary Arts 2

    Catering Production



    Culinary Academy

    Manufacturing & Product Development

    Product Innovation & Design

    Into. to Product Design

    Electronics &  Robotics

    Product Innovation & Design

    Adv. Product Innovation & Design



     Eng. Academy

    Marketing, Sales & Service

    Professional Sales

    Business Communications Technology

    Business Marketing Concepts


    Business Professionals & Finance



     Business Technology Academy