Get it poppin
  • Here is the link to directions for signing up to ZOOM if you do not already have an account. A video is included below with information to sign up for ZOOM if students have not already done so with their classroom teacher. Many students are already signed up because their teacher switched to or is still using Zoom.

    ZOOM sign up instructions

    ZOOM sign up video

  • Here is the PE schedule for pop-ins and a video to walk you through how to read the schedule and find your student's PE day and time. Please find you Teacher and which session you have them for class. Remember, if you have school in the morning your PE will be in the afternoon. If you have school in the afternoon, your PE will be in the morning.

    Tuesday is Carl Sundahl grades K-2nd (McCusker only) and Montessori.

    Wednesday is Carl Sundahl grades 3rd-5th and Walker's 2nd grade.

    Thursday is Blanche Sprentz grades TK-1st.

    PE Schedule

    PE schedule video

  • Here is the ZOOM link to join PE. Please make sure you check the schedule and you are only popping in during your scheduled PE day and time.

    PE ZOOM Link



  • Hello everyone!

    I hope you all had a nice break and are ready for these last weeks of school. I have an announcement to make regarding PE. We will be switching up how we do PE for the rest of this year. I will no longer post video lessons on google classroom, and will instead have 15-minute ZOOM pop-in sessions once a week with my classes. AM sessions will log on in the afternoon and PM sessions will log on in the morning. The ZOOM link is provided below as well as the PE schedule and information on how to sign up for ZOOM, if needed.