Career Technical Education is a program of study that involves a multiyear sequence of courses that integrates core academic knowledge with technical and occupational knowledge, to provide students with a pathway to post-secondary education and careers.  

    The pathways create an educational environment that integrates core academics with real-world relevance to prepare students to be ready for college and career.

     Key components of CTE programs include:

    • High Quality Curriculum and Instruction: Alignment with CTE Anchor Standards, CCSS (Common Core State Standards), and industry standards in pathway classes. 
    • Inquiry-Based Approach: Shift to utilizing essential questioning strategies, student learning targets, and product or performance based summative assessments.
    • Project Based Learning: Hands-on experience both inside and outside of the classroom.
    • Career Exploration and Guidance: Workforce based learning including; employability skills, mentoring, and internships
    • Sequence of Courses: Provides students a pathway to expertise and completion of the pathway. (2-3 levels of Introduction, Concentrators, and Capstone courses).
    • Student Leadership Development: Career Technical Student Organizations
    • Industry Certifications
    • Industry Partnerships: Industry Advisory meetings, community classroom/internships, work based learning, field trips, and guest speakers.
    • College Credits: Articulation agreements with local community colleges
    • A-G Credit: from U.C. approved courses

    CTE IT Pathway Logo
    The Folsom Lake High School CTE pathway and courses are for the Information and Communications Technology Industry Sector Pathway.





    Information Support and

    Services (170)


    Computer Applications





    Software & Systems

    Development (174)


    Web Design & Animation






    ***For more information about this great program, contact Mr. Henry Hill, FLHS Teacher.