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    AP Euro Students: The summer assignment is posted here and under the AP/Honors section on the main site.  You will need a copy of Sophie's World to complete the assignment.  Either borrow or buy a copy to complete the assignment and for use during the first weeks of the school year.  Submissions will be digitally completed after the first day of school.  Instructions on how to submit will be explained on the first day of class.
    **Do your best to complete the assignment and follow the directions on your own.  Trust your own instincts, use your own logi and READ THE DIRECTIONS to ensure you are completing the assignment correctly**
    At the start of the school year, all students will register in a class on Google Classroom.  You will receive login instructions on the first day of school.  Students should refer to the Google Classroom as the primary source for all class documents, homework assignments, and announcements!
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    AP European History & World Cultures
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    Period 1 - AP European History
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    Period 5 - Prep
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