• Covid 19 Update: We are going to online learning in response to CoronaVirus pandemic.  Students can access https://fcusd.schoology.com/ and see all of thier classes and assingments.  My office hours are from 1pm to 3p and my direct number is: 916-572-9006, you can also call me and leave a message during my off office hours.

    My email is glong@fcusd.org

    Dear Students and Families: I am excited to announce that our school is implementing MATH 180, an innovative math intervention program by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. After careful consideration, your child has been selected to participate in the program to support his or her instructional needs. MATH 180 is a research-based program with proven results in raising student math achievement. MATH 180 uses cutting-edge technology to deliver individualized math instruction, provide valuable skills practice, and motivate students to develop confi dence and fluency in math. In our MATH 180 class, your child and I will work together to:

    • Build essential math skills for college and career readiness.

    • Bring his or her math proficiency up to grade level.

    • Develop mathematical practices and habits of mind.

    • Apply math skills to solve real-world problems.

    • Show your child that he or she can attain academic success in math.

    MATH 180 will challenge your child to work hard. Offer encouragement and provide support at home by encouraging your child to practice math skills, setting aside time for practice, and discussing the math your child is learning. Thank you in advance for helping us achieve our goals!


    Gregg Long

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