National History Day 
    Conflict and Compromise
    We spent the 1st Trimester learning about the Original 13 Colonies and how America won their Independence from Britain.  Moving into Trimester #2, we will focus on our Constitution, "The Law of The Land."   We will also begin to look at History Day "Conflict and Compromise," students will reflect on an individual, event or thing that embodies the theme.  Students are wrapping up their American Revoultion Projects, so many amazing, creative, and informative projects to present and share.
    1st Trimester Activities that are found in Students Notebooks
    Notebook Check #1
    Getting to Know You
    How do you see the World?
    The Misplaced Microchip (Hemispheres)
    The Internet Spy network (Latitude/Longitude)
    World Map (Continent Review)
     Notebook Check #2
    Push - Pull Colonization
    Roanoke, Jamestown, Plymouth
    Jamestown CCD
    Jamestown, Plymouth Newspaper
    3 Regions 13 Colonies Map
    Trifold 3 COlonial Regions
    Notebook Check #3
    The Colonial Environment and its Economic Impacts
    13 Colonies Map Colonial Regions and Settlements
    New England, Middle, Southern Regions Grid
    Questions about "Comparing the Colony Regions"
    Life in the New England Colonies CCD
    Enlightenment/Great Awakening Foldable
    Middle Passage/ Triangular Trade
    Notebook Check #4
    Noth America 1754 and 1763 Map French and Indian War
    Perspectives Colonist
    Perspectives Indentured Servants
    American Revolution Internet Assignment
    American Revolution PPT Notes
    Establishing a COlonial Settlement
    Loyalist vs Patriots Venn Diagram
    Americans Divided/Sides of the American Revolution
    American Revolution Battles
    Notebook Check #5
    America the Story of Us Sequence of Events
    Battle of Yorktown
    Battle of Saratoga
    Gallery Walk Effects of the American Revolution
    Loyalist beat a Hasty Retreat/Loyalist or Patriot
    Declaration of Independence Translation
    10 Facts about the Declaration of Independence
    Welcome Back to School!
    I would like to introduce myself to the Mills Community, my name is Mrs. Peterson-Mule`. I am an 8th Grade United States History Teacher.
     I look forward to working with 8th grade students, as we dive deep into the world of United States History!  We will not only learn about history, we will experience history through visuals, films, projects, debates and simulations.  The class will provide opportunities for students to work in partnerships, individually, as well as groups.  Students will create an Interactive Notebook, chronically all of their knowledge and work from the units of study.  I look forward to helping students better understand the relationship between modern day and the past while building a skill set that will support them in the future of becoming Civic Minded Citizens.  I will use the website to upload class information, handouts, announcements and any other pertinent information.  2016-17 is going to be a great year here at Mills!