• Adult Basic Education (ABE)
    The Adult Basic Education program provides instruction for students to build academic skills in reading, writing, vocabulary development, and math.
    The program serves: 
    • Students whose academic skills are below 9th grade level.
    • Remediation and to prepare for entering college, career training, or the workforce
    • Pre-HiSET (students who want to pass the HiSET battery of exams)
    • Students transitioning from Advanced ESL.
    ABE class uses research-based teaching methods to build reading, writing, math, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in a blended learning environment. Placement is based on the students CASAS assessment score of 220-235.  Students take the California Adult School Assessment System (CASAS) at orientation.  The results determine if this class is the best fit.  
    Counseling services available to all students