Prior to May 1, no incoming student/family may have any contact with coaches, but may attend a school-wide orientation not limited to athletics.
    After May 1, students/family members may attend an athletics-only orientation, but no sport-specific breakout sessions or meetings may be held.
    After May 1, students/family members may have contact with coaches only by phone, email, or letter if students have registered for 2019-2020 (includes both Info Snap and course enrollment) as verified by the Athletic Director through the clearance process.
    Incoming 9th graders must have been promoted from 8th grade and be registered at Cordova in order to have in-person contact with coaches.
    Pre-enrollment contact with coaches and other program supporters is prohibited and may result in loss of athletic eligibility by the SJS-CIF office.
    Please see information below regarding insurance requirements and the online student handbook clearance forms.
    CHS Athletics will publish sports calendars using Media All Stars for 2019-2020.
    Thanks to our supporters for purchasing ads on the sports calendars with
    Media All Stars.
    Evidence of student medical insurance for sports participation is required.
    You can apply online and receive an insurance ID card upon completion of purchase.
    Please navigate to FCUSD Home Page, and click link for "Voluntary Student Accident Insurance" to access information.
    The Extracurricular Athletic Handbook Forms are now online at the Athletic Clearance website. The system is now available for use for all sports-related activities.
    Please navigate to the Athletic Clearance website: http://www.athleticclearance.com
    NOTE:When registering on this website, DO NOT use an fcusd.org email account, since you will not be able to receive emails on your school account.
    The FCUSD Sports Physical Examination Form has been updated. Your existing physicals are valid for up to 12 months from the date of the physical. The physical form is the only paper form you will submit. All new physicals must be completed with this form:  Sports Physical Examination Form

    Mark Beamish - Athletic Director


    916-294-2450 ext. 810461