• Welcome to Elementary Physical Education with Ms. Winters
    Hello, Oak Chan Dragon.  I want you to know that I think about my students every day and miss you all very much.  In an effort to keep you up and moving, I am going to provide you with a list of activities that can be done at home with household items, internet links, and imagination.  These activites are designed to reeinforce skills previous covered this year, get your heart rate up so that it gets a work out, stretch and build your muscles, and hopefully make you smile.
    Click on Warm-Ups and Activities for this week's workouts.  Do as many of the workouts as you want, but atleast try to fit in two each week.  Since this is a new process, it will change as new guidelines are put into place.
    I will be available to chat via email at zwinters@fcusd.org from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, Monday through Friday. 
    Remember that I always expect SKORR behavior, whether you are at school or at home.  So let's get to work.
    Ms. Winters
    Oak Chan PE Specialist
    Ms. Winters and her assistant, Ruby