Club Name Club Advisor What day of the week will your club meet? Before or After School What Room Will you meet in?
    Andrew Price Mrs. Osterman Monday After H105
    Filipino Club Mrs.Budge Friday After E6
    CSF Megan Cook Friday After H212
    FCCLA Dianne Lee Goldman Monday After F101
    Armenian Club Uribe, Chuck Jr. Friday After CHS Room D-7
    Girls Who Code Veronica De Alba Cruz Thursday After College Career Center
    Anime Club Mr. Bafus Wednesday After H-204
    Science Bowl Chris Mahaffey Monday After H211
    Arm Wrestling Chris Mahaffey Friday After H211
    FFA Mr. Harnden and Miss Rossiter Tuesday After H-203
    Drama Club Mark Cornfield Thursday After A101
    Travel Club Jacob Locke Tuesday After G-15
    Key Club Josh Creeger Monday After M101
    FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Jacob Locke Thursday During lunch G-15
    GSA Barrantes Monday After G7
    MACH (Mentees at Cordova High) Amy Wallace and Melody Smith Williams Saturdays and Thursdays After and Saturdays at Noon D10, C4 and E5
    Guitar Club Jeff Pieczynski Tuesday After C-7
    Makers Club Caplan As needed After D5
    Flatline Josh Creeger Wednesday After M101
    ibsociety Nguyen Tuesday After D9
    Cordova High Interact Conrade Mayer Wednesday After B4
    RPG Club Brian Zavoda Tuesday After E-4