mp Welcome to Mrs. Chan's Kinder "Garden" Where Young Minds Grow and Blossom! 
    A.M.: 8:25-11:46
    P.M. Lunch: 11:51-2:37
    Regular Minimum:8:25-11:46
    Super Minimum:8:25-11:46
    Tips for the First Day of School!
    Arrive on Time! Not too early, though. A long wait for class to begin with other parents and children may add to the strain and tension.
    Leave cheerfully! Please say good-bye to your child at the door on the first day. Some children may seem upset, but we have found that their comfort level and sense of wellbeing quickly returns when allowed to be independent. Don't worry! We take good care of your Kindergartener! Your presence may distract from this new and fascinating world! 
    Letting Go! Letting go can be hard, but don't let your doubts dampen your child's enthusiasm. If you have a positive attitude and look forward to the first day of school, your child will probably do the same.
    Be Prepared! Be prepared for your child to be tired and cranky when he or she comes home the first few weeks of Kindergarten. Try to be patient and maintain a schedule at home, especially at bedtime.
    Discuss! Discuss any fears about school before the first day. Be positive, loving and reassuring. Do all you can to make your child happy and confident about entering the school world.

    Thank you in advance for your support!

    :) Mrs. Chan