Welcome to the 5th Grade

    Dear Parents and Students,
    Welcome Back! I am happy to take this opportunity to welcome you to our
    fifth grade community and new school year. I hope your family had a
    wonderful break and are ready for a terrific and challenging adventure with me in Room 26. New beginnings are always filled with wonder and excitement.
    I sincerely look forward to meeting all parents at Back to School Night. At that time, we will have the opportunity to meet as a
    group to discuss materials, curriculum, and classroom procedures. In order to
    get your child off to a successful start, mastery of all basic Math facts (addition,
    subtraction, multiplication, and division) is a must this year, and hopefully all
    students have been reading regularly over the summer.
    It will also be helpful to have the suggested supplies listed on the back of
    this page by the end of the first week. Please let me know if there are any
    problems finding these materials. I would also greatly appreciate any help with
    supplies that you may be able to donate to our classroom. Please remember to
    LABEL EVERYTHING (backpack, lunch, jackets, supplies etc.)
    I am excited about our new year together. I’m looking forward to meeting
    each of you and experiencing a year filled with a lot of fun, enjoyable and
    memorable learning experiences.
    Mr. Ramirez

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