• The Class of 2020!  




     Class Info: 

    President - Nick Wall - nick.wall.vdl@gmail.com or (916) 801-1152
    Vice President - Ally Boldt - allyson.boldt.vdl@gmail.com
    Secretary/Treasurer - Grace Galovan - grace.galovan.vdl@gmail.com
    Spirit Rep - Emily Van Saun - emily.vansaun.vdl@gmail.com
    Pubsie -  Lucas Olives - lucas.olives.vdl@gmail.com
    Activities - Natalie Gaffney - natalie.gaffney.vdl@gmail.com
    Recent Update Regarding Class of 2020 from Principal Emmington

    Hello Families of Vista Seniors:

    I can't begin to tell how how sad I am, and yet how proud I am, of this year's senior class.  They are frustrated, they are angry, and yet they remain positive, hopeful and resilient.  I began a project called Vista Senior Spotlight to highlight a variety of our seniors.  In doing so, I have discovered that while they are disappointed about losing the senior experiences they have earned and looked forward to, they are also grateful for the quality time they have spent with families over the last few weeks. 

    I know this is a challenging time for all of us, but I think there is some good that has come with this opportunity to slow down and engage as human beings rather than human "doings."  I have been surprised at the positive feed back I am getting from students who are finding time to read for pleasure and play games with family.  Some have shared that they are sitting down to dinner together as a family for the first time in years.   So perhaps, even with all we are sacrificing during this time, there is a silver lining. 

    I want to share with you a Vista Senior FAQ page I have created to keep you updated with senior information.  I will update this page and re-share as I am notified of any changes.  

    Stay safe and stay healthy.  

    Lori Emmington, Principal