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    Weight Training and Fit 1 with Mr. Hunter
    Welcome! My name is Mr. Hunter and I have the priviledge of teaching Weight Training and Fit 1 at Vista Del Lago High School. Both Weight Training and Fit 1 are going to emphasise fitness, sleep, nutrition, mindset and connections with others. Our goal is for you to value these 5 factors in your daily life and excel at them throughout the semester. Even through our current situation of distance learning we can develop each of these factors and I am excited to help each student do just that.
    Reminder: All of our course content can be found on GOOGLE CLASSROOM. Link on the right.
    Parents thanks for watching the back to school video (you or your student may need to be logged into google to watch it) which can be found here: CLICK HERE 
    Links to our Course Expectations and Medical Illness/Injury Form can be found on the right.