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    Please become familiar with my website.  I will be updating and notifying you of useful information regarding our classes and Spanish learning in my Announcements/Updates page.  This will be our newsletter of sorts for the year.  

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    Guanajuato    ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!
    Welcome to Spanish at FMS! 
    Dear Parents and Students: 
    I am a biliterate and bilingual educator who embraces a multilingual perspective on teaching and learning.  I am using several methods (socio-linguistic/TPRS vs. only grammatical approach) to guide Spanish learning online so students can understand it, speak it and write it.  Every class meets 2 hours a week and in person this will be the time to develop our speaking in Spanish.  Our language supports will come through in several online apps used as tools.  Vocabulary and grammar need to be practiced every two days through Quizlet.  Instruction will be supplemented through recorded videos on Edpuzzle on top of the two hours we meet per class. Oral production will be practiced on FlipGrid and quizzes will be given for Cultural learning and as a assessment at the end of a Vocab Unit through Quizizz.  Finally, written practice in Spanish will be done through their Workbooks & PDF's of activities that I'll post.  All these pieces fit together holistically for learning a language.  Please read the PDF (located in Course Info): Spanish Steps for Success  ...to understand how the process of language learning is covered for this year.  ¡Gracias!
    Sra. López
    Sra. López
    Zenaida Mendoza-López
    Spanish 1A, 1B and 2
    Room 411 (Portable)
    FMS Theatre Advisor & Director
    FMS International Trip Group Leader
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    Sra. López