Guanajuato    ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!
                                      Sra. López
                   Room #411 (same room, different number)
                          I teach Spanish 1A, 1B, and 2.
    Welcome to my Spanish class!  Spanish and English are similar linguistically.  Both have similar sentence structures and grammar terminology. Yes!  We will be reading, writing, and speaking Spanish everyday.  We will also learn about the geography, culture and history of the 21 Spanish speaking countries in the world.  Our goal for whichever level you are enrolled into is to be more proficient in the Spanish language and to use it as much as possible.  The more you speak, the easier it will be to speak on your own, outside of class.  That is everyone's goal-communication!  
    I applaud you for joining my class this year and I hope you enjoy this unique adventure with me.  My class is different from other classes on campus.  It is a high school equivalent level course and if you complete 1A & 1B, you will receive 1 year of world language credit when you list it on your UC/CSU college application.  Spanish 2 is a 1 year course that is not divided into 2 years like Spanish 1.  This is done as you are still a student in middle school.  That being said, there is no high school credit given here as Spanish at FMS is an elective course.  More info is listed on the course syllabus.  Take care!