• Students and Parents 8/17/20

    Please become familiar with my website.  I will be updating and notifying you of useful information regarding our classes and Spanish learning in my Announcements/Updates page.  This will be our newsletter of sorts for the year.  

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  • 1st week of school 8/12/20

    All students enrolled on PowerSchool have been added to Microsoft Teams.  Please go to Google Classroom during your scheduled class period and click on the link to join automatically.  There is nothing to download or install. 

    If you need a Google Classroom code due to a schedule change, please email me.  My email is located below my name.

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    Guanajuato    ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!
    Welcome to my Spanish class! 
    Dear Parents and Students: 
    I am a biliterate and bilingual educator who embraces a multilingual perspective on teaching and learning.  I will use several methods (socio-linguistic/TPRS vs. only grammatical approach) to teach Spanish during distance learning.  I will also be incorporating several online apps, video and audio sources as tools to move language acquisition forward in your child's learning in addition to the textbook resources that serve as a guide to learning the language. All these pieces fit together holistically for learning a language.  
    Teaching for biliteracy and bilingualism involves strategic lessons to help students develop the Spanish language as a second or third language.  It will be slow at first to develop comprehension and speaking skills.  Spanish is the primary means of instruction, but along the way, students naturally bridge to English for understanding grammar and this is normal in developing multi-literacy skills.  It is beneficial to students to clarify how the two languages relate to each other thus, strengthening both languages at the same time.  Student's naturally transfer knowledge of English conventions into Spanish and even the other way, developing metalinguistic awareness and how language works for both.   
    Each level I teach is year long.  Again, it will be slow at first, but each class day will build upon the previous day.  I will provide material to develop the ear, but more confidence in the language occurs when students interact outside of class through movies, shows and/or music by actively seeking material in Spanish.  In these ways, students hollistically learn the Spanish language academically and socially TO USE IT as it relates to their life experience.  This is the joy students will experience when they finally get it.  I say it is like finally finding the ketchup in the fridge!  It was there the whole time!
    Thank you for reading my socio-linguistic approach and I welcome your partnership in your child's language journey!
    Sra. López
    Sra. López
    Zenaida Mendoza-López
    Spanish 1A, 1B and 2
    Room 411 (Portable)
    FMS Theatre Advisor & Director
    FMS International Trip Group Leader
    (not FCUSD sponsored)
    Sra. López