Guanajuato    ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!
    Welcome to Spanish at FMS! 
    Dear Parents and Students: 
    I am a biliterate and bilingual educator who embraces a multilingual perspective on teaching and learning.  I am using several methods (socio-linguistic/TPRS method vs. only Textbook grammatical approach) to guide Spanish learning in person so students can understand it, speak it and write it.  I support language learning by incorporating online resources as well as adapted materials I've created over the years.  Vocabulary and grammar reinforcement/feedback is available through Quizlet and Quizizz.  Class instruction is supplemented through recorded videos and created materials that are available to students on Google Classroom.  Students will also practice writing and developing the language through the ¡Qué Chévere! curriculum.  All these pieces fit together holistically for learning a language and accommodating as many student learning styles as possible. 
    Sra. López
    Recommendations for enrolling and/or continuing in Spanish 1A, Spanish 1B and 2.
    Overall, all levels of Spanish involve everyday work to learn the language successfully.  It is a rigorous elective that will add to their workload every day.  Spanish is an academic class that consists of multiple online resources that compliment the Spanish curriculum in addition to in-person activities.  The student that is organized and is willing to invest extra time learning the language will succeed further.  I really advise parents and students to have a conversation about the rigor involved when choosing to take Spanish as an elective.  It is the same course curriculum that is offered at the high school level. This can be challenging if the student is not ready to take on a 5th academic class as a middle schooler.   I always tell students to seek out opportunities to read, listen and watch various media to develop listening, reading and speaking skills further.  The student that is willing to invest in these extra opportunities is more successful and will learn the language more proficiently. 
    Sra. López
    Zenaida Mendoza-López
    Spanish 1A, 1B and 2
    Room 307 (Upstairs-2 Story)
    FMS Theatre Advisor & Director
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    Sra. López