• Girl at desk August, 2016

    Dear Students and Families:

              Welcome to fifth grade and Room 11!!  I hope you all had a fun and rejuvenating summer, and are as eager as I am to get off to a great year in fifth grade.  This is an exciting year for me as I get to teach 5th grade again.  Prior to last year, I was living other life adventures such as mothering my now 13 year old and 14 year old daughters, teaching Preschool, Kindergarten, 2nd Grade, Parents, and K-6 afterschool programs.  Years ago, I was next door in Room 10 teaching 4th graders (I’ve been promoted!! J).

               This year we’ll have lots of adventures together – Sly Park, kindergarten buddies, memorizing states and capitals, and lots more.

              As fifth graders, and in an effort to help you get ready for middle school next year, you will be required to exercise both self-control and common sense in my classroom and on the playground.  Talk to your family about these concepts.  I’m sure you will agree that all students have the right to learn in an environment where manners matter.

              On the first day of school I will be giving each student a blue homework folder with an assignment sheet for the week in it.  Please be sure to check the homework section after school and remind your student to fill it out daily.  After reviewing their completed assignments, please initial and add any comments you would like.  I will check them each morning and give a reward ticket for those who have completed homework and initials each day.  This sheet is a great way for us to communicate daily.  Email is the fastest way to reach me: crosefie@fcusd.org


    Cindy Rosefield

    Supplies List – Please Label EVERYTHING with your name

    A Good Book to read during quiet time                Colored pencils/markers

    6 Fine point Dry Erase Markers                             Post it notes

    1 clean old sock for erasing                                                  -1 3inch pack & 1 smaller size

    2 Extra fine tip black Sharpies                               Highlighter

    Glue Sticks                                                                Scissors

    Red ballpoint pen                                                    Small Pencil sharpener

    Please, no mini staplers, binders, or pencil boxes.  Pencil Pouches will fit in your desk, however.

    Anytime you feel moved to send in tissues, whiteboard pens, Sharpies (fine or extra fine point – color or black), white copier paper, wet wipes, or wrapped candies, we will be thankful and appreciative!!


    If supplies should be a hardship, please let me know

  • Mrs. Rosefield

    916-985-0771 Ext. 111