Welcome to Room 15, first and second grade.  We are going to have a great year, learning and exploring!
    Things to bring to school:
    • 2 small glue sticks*
    • 1 package yellow Ticonderoga pencils*, preferrably sharpened
    • 1 set of earbuds or headphones in a ziplock bag, labeled with your child's name. Please choose something that will be comfortable and easy for your child to use.

    *The pencils and glue sticks will be used for the whole class.

    Please do not send in pencil sharpeners, mechanical pencils, eraser tops, decorative pencils,  pencil boxes, crayons or other supplies. Our desk drawers are very limited in space. Most supplies will be provided.  Save those special things to use at home. Thank you.

    Things to have at home for homework if possible:
    • pencils, erasers, paper
    • a stapler
    • addition and subtraction flash cards and games
    Wish list for Mrs. Neria:
    • bandaids
    • Kleenex
    • roll of paper towels
    • extra fine sharpies
    • prizes for the prize box (things your child would like)

    Thank you in advance for your support! 

     photo of teacher
    Mrs. Neria 
    1st and 2nd Grade Teacher
    Preferred method of contact:
    Email me at:
    Hi Everyone!
    My name is Shelley Neria.  This is my 15th year teaching, and my 9th year at Folsom Hills! I have taught just about every grade level K-6, but I love the primary grades!  There's just something special about 1st and 2nd graders.  I love their eagerness to learn and explore, their great attitudes, and their sense of humor.  I also love to teach reading!
    I have two college-aged children, Emily and Jack.  Mr. Neria and I keep from feeling lonely in our empty nest by playing with our adorable dog, Mulligan.  I love reading books, walking Mulligan on Folsom's beautiful trails, having coffee with friends and visiting the ocean whenever possible.
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