Folsom Cordova’s STEM in our Schools:

  • Supporting Student Discovery
    Riverview STEM Academy students
  • It's more important than ever for our students to gain skills necessary to solve tough problems, gather and evaluate evidence, and make sense of the information that surrounds them. The subjects collectively known as STEM - science, technology, engineering and math - help prepare these young minds for success beyond school - whether they are future engineers, architects or artists!  
    Discover our STEM magnet programs:
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    The only K-5 STEM magnet school in Sacramento County is giving the area's future inventors, discoverers and innovators the chance to nurture an early love for the skills needed to succeed in the economy's highest-paying jobs.  A day in the life of Riverview STEM Academy's students might include programming robots, simulating flights on iPads or measuring sound waves.
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    Students can continue on an engaging STEM pathway in middle school.  In sixth grade, students can choose electives related to design and modeling, digital art, or computer applications.  Students who apply for the Academy in seventh and eighth grades will advance their learning in robotics, computer science, manufacturing and software engineering.
    Sutter Middle School STEM Academy
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    Students in Sutter Middle School's STEM Academy have the same set of teachers and work with the same group of students throughout the day, creating a strong sense of community.  All subjects integrate classroom learning with hands-on projects that connect kids to the real world - our students dig into challenges that allow them to play the role of green architectural designers, medical detectives and aerospace engineers.
    You don't only have to attend a magnet program to get a rich STEM education! 
    • Folsom Cordova schools have created a STEM Lead Teacher, who works directly with schools and teachers to help bolster their STEM-related curriculum.
    • Several of our schools - including Empire Oaks Elementary, Folsom Hills Elementary, Russell Ranch Elementary and Folsom Middle School - use Project Lead the Way curriculum, an innovative, hands-on approach to classroom instruction.  
    • For high school, we have several rigorous, STEM-related career pathways, including computer science and engineering. Learn more here
  • FCUSD student in STEM
    You get to work in technology and find out the secrets between computers and building things. STEM is fun because I like to create and make things come alive.
    STEM student in FCUSD testimonial
    STEM is important to me because it features all of the things kids have to learn. Every student needs to learn these four subjects in order to be successful in the future.