2024-2025 Parking Information will be released in August.

    Transportation and Parking Alternatives for Students:

    Carpool Options and the New Laws: 

    While current laws place restrictions on minors transporting other minors, there are exceptions. California Vehicle Code allows exceptions when related to schooling or a school-authorized activity and the other minor transported is an immediate family member/sibling. Please visit the DMV website for more details.


    FCUSD Transportation:

    It is the mission of the FCUSD Transportation Services Department to provide for students, staff and community of the Folsom Cordova Unified School District the safest and most reliable means of transportation.  Routes and time schedules are posted on the Transportation website at:  www.fcusd.org/transportation.  


    Community Parking: 

    Parking is now restricted in some areas around the school. For those community spaces that are not restricted, we highly recommend that students park at this location appropriately and be good citizens by driving slowly, keeping the noise down, and not littering. While there are two-hour time limit parking zones on many nearby residential streets, special events or games that fall outside of the school day (7 a.m. to 4 p.m.) window are not subject to the two-hour time limit.  


    Walking and Biking:

    Vista encourages students to lead healthy lifestyles that include walking and biking.  There are two bike racks for Vista students, one near the Wrestling Room and one near the Library. Students need to bring their own bike locks.  Vista is also considering installing a skateboard lock rack, should there be enough interest. 


    We understand the challenges our parking situation poses to students and families. We are grateful for your patience and partnership. 



    2023-2024 Parking Permit Information

    There are no more parking permits available for this school year.

    All vehicles must have a valid parking permit to park on school grounds. To apply for a parking permit, the student must  provide a valid California driver’s license, complete the online application form, and provide payment. Students who are  missing signatures or information will not be issued a permit until the application is complete. The cost is $10 for an  individual permit. There is a $45 fee to replace lost permits so please keep your vehicle locked and keep track of this  permit if removed from your car. 

    Any damage occurring to a vehicle while parked on campus should be addressed to the Folsom Police Department.  Please read the campus rules and policies carefully. Parking permits may be revoked without refund if students do not adhere  to contract conditions and/or abuse parking privileges. Students involved in permit forgery will face disciplinary action and  revocation of parking privileges. Please take time as a family to sit and discuss the responsibilities that come with driving to  school and parking on campus. 

    Parking citations may be issued to any vehicle parked on campus without a displayed and valid permit for the lot it is parked in. Violations  range from a $15 to $35 fine and loss of parking privileges for the remainder of the school year. Copies of the citation will  be registered with Student Accounts, and attached to the vehicle upon receiving a violation ticket.

    Parking Off Campus: 

    Due to our large student population and limited parking spaces, parking off campus has increasingly become an issue in the  surrounding neighborhoods. If students do park off campus, we encourage families to talk to their students about behavior  and being good neighbors (don’t leave trash, block driveways, etc.). Students parking on the street must abide by all city  parking rules and regulations. Vista staff will NOT regulate off campus parking and cannot pull students out of class to  address violations unless it is an emergency situation. We encourage students and families to explore alternative means to get to school.