• Welcome to Mitchell Middle School and Room 27 English/ Language Arts!!
    Mrs. Jill Sieber
     Language and Literature students will enjoy being challenged by our StudySync curriculum! 
      Strategic English students will learn so much through interacting with our iLit program!
              2019/2020 is going to be an awesome year!!
    - We will always respect one another.
    - We will all work hard and support each other in our learning.
    - We will make mistakes every day, and view them as an opportunity for growth.
    IMPORTANT for students!  Bring the following supplies to class daily:
             - Binder or folder with pockets
             - 2 sharpened pencils
    I am committed to helping all of my students be successful. Students and their families should feel free to contact me any time.  I look forward to working with you!
     Phone: 294-9050    Email:  jsieber@fcusd.org