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    Jeremy Bezinque 
    World Cultures and US History Teacher
    Email is the best way to reach me.
    Phone # 916-294-2450
    2nd period: World Cultures
    3rd Period: World Cultures
    4th Period: US History
    5th period: US History
    7th period: World Cultures
    Hello! I am Jeremy Bezinque and I love history!  I've been teaching about 10 years at CHS.  I am learning guitar and love to barbeque. I do my best to help students learn to love history and, most of all, be successful.
    All summatives and classwork will be found in Google classroom, which students know how to access. Parents, if you would like to be added to Google Classroom, please email me. 
    We use the MYP Grading Criteria. All grades are found on Powerschool.
    If you have questions please feel free to email.
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