•  Welcome Lancer Students and Parents/Guardians!!    
    It's great to welcome you back to the 2022/2023 school year at Cordova High School!!  I'm very excited to be teaching the students here at CHS!! In addition to teaching students I am looking forward to coaching the Coed Tennis Team as well as running the Guitar Club after school on Fridays at Cordova this year!!  I look forward to a fantastic year teaching, learning, and communicating with all students and parents/guardians!!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have.  
    IM 1 (periods 1, 4 and 5) This year we have a new curriculum called Big Ideas.  The students will be using their Student Journal often and should bring it to school every day.  There are lots of extra resources to help students online with the new curriculum and they can access it through the Clever portal.  In addition, there is a math app that students can use for additional help when needed.
    IM 1 Foundations (periods 3 and 6)  This year we will be supplementing the curriculum with additional materials to help students strengthen their math skills in the appropriate areas and better prepare them for the next course, IM 1.  You can expect students to have several handout/worksheet assignments and online assignments (must show their work on binder paper) throughout the year.  
    If students miss school, be sure that they get notes from a reliable fellow student or see me for a copy of the notes.  In addition, students need to get the missed assignments and/or make up missed assessments.
     Student grades can be accessed through Power School 
    Google classroom is where all assignments will be posted, as well as on the board in the classroom.
    IM 1 will have assignments posted in Big Ideas (in the Clever portal)
    IM 1 Foundations will have in-class or homework assignments posted in Deltamath.com; Quizizz.com; Edpuzzle.com; Kahoot.com; and possibly other websites during the school year.
    Contact Mr. Pieczynski
    Room C-7
    Best way to reach me is email 
    Or you can call me at 294-2450  ext. 810260

    Jeff Pieczynski

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