• Let's get to school!
    We are having such a great time in first grade.  This is the best class yet.  First grade is full of daily surprises and accomplishments!  We are learning to read!!!  The first trimester is done, and we are looking forward to the rest of the school year going great!  
    Please see the list below for items you will need for the upcoming school year.   
    Class Donations:

     First Grade Classroom Supply List

    These items are suggested (not mandatory) for you to purchase for students to share in the classroom.  

         Headphones (labeled in a ziplock bag)

         8+ glue sticks

        2 boxes TICONDEROGA  pencils

        1 container Disinfecting wipes

        1 package Black Sticky Dots

        1 box of Kleenex Tissues

       1 box of THIN and 1 box THICK markers

       1 box colored pencils - sharpened

      6+ pink erasers

       1 box 16ct Crayola crayons


  • Janell Marton

    First Grade


    916-294-9165 Ext.640212


    Daily Schedule:

    8:20 am School begins

    Early Bird Reading Groups


    9:10 Daily work/Math

    10:20  Recess

    10:20  Language Arts

    11:20  Lunch

    12:00  Social Studies/Science/Art/Math Centers/Library/Computers/Language Arts

    1:00 - 10 minute teacher PE, get your body movin!

    1:10 MTSS (leveled reading support, ELL support)

    1:50   Late Bird time 

    2:37 Dismissal

    PE Wednesday 12:30 and Friday 12:30 (30 minutes each)


    *Additional P.E. scheduled at the teacher's discretion.