Montessori Program: Carl Sundahl Elementary

  • "Children learn by doing" is the basis for the Montessori philosophy.  Children develop critical thinking skills, independent thought, and the satisfaction of conquering academic challenges by learning how to make good choices.
    Montessori means... 
    • Providing lessons that naturally build the child's ability to focus and concentrate for their studies.
    • A "Hands on Approach" with concrete materials that helps children understand abstract concepts.
    • A prepared environment that provides educational and intellectual exploration.  The environment accommodates movement, discussion, and the use of engaging activities.
    • A Montessori teacher trained in classroom management techniques that direct the child to use exciting and developmentally appropriate materials for optimal learning and understanding.
    • A Montessori teacher trained to guide the students toward developing the skills needed for study, research and independence.  
    • The Montessori PreSchool Program has a monthly fee of $300.  The Montessori TK and Kindergarten classes are free of charge.
    • Applications will be available to either download or pick up from Thursday, February 1st.
    • Applications are due Friday, February 9th.
    • Lottery will be held on Friday, February 23rd.
    • Families notified Monday, February 26th.
    • Full commitment by Friday, March 1st.
    • Once a full commitment has been made by the family, and the $150 non-refundable application fee has been paid, they will receive registration paperwork.