• Welcome to 8th Grade Science with Mr. Smith


    Science is about how we make sense of the world around us. 

    Together we will discover the world around us, ask questions, design investigations, and engineer solutions to real world problems. 

    Come join us on this journey as we try... fail... learn... and repeat.  


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    Mr Smith racing 550 miles on the Colorado Trail  
    Mr. Smith finished 5th on the 550 mile Colorado Trail Race in 5 days 5 hours.
    My name is Mr. Smith and I am happy to be your teacher this year.  I love to teach, I enjoy teaching, and I am proud that I am a teacher.  My experience teaching includes outdoor and experiential education as well as coaching swimming, water polo, and basketball.  I have also worked in outdoor and experiential education including canoeing, snowshoeing, backpacking, and science camps
    I am passionate about science and helping others reveal their sense of wonder and discovery about the natural world.  This year you are going to have the greatest educational experience of your life.  We will not only study Science, but I will also share with you some life-skills that will help you to be successful in tomorrow’s world.
    When I am not teaching, I am out exploring and adventuring.  I have thru-hiked 2,663 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada, bicycled 6,000 miles down the Andes in South America and 2,200 miles through Canada to Alaska, hiked in the Himalayas, and kayaked in the Artic Ocean in Northern Norway..  I enjoy traveling, triathlon, riding bikes, playing the guitar and ping pong.... not all at the same time, and eating waffles.
    I look forward to learning alongside you and remember life is a journey, make the most of every step along the way.
    I am available by appointment before or after school.

    Mr Smith

    Mills Middle School, Rm 42


    916 294 9045 Ext 710242

    Twitter @rm27science