Welcome to Mrs. Williams'
    World History  Class!
  • Welcome to FMS and Ancient World History


    Welcome to Mrs. Williams' History class! We are dedicated historians, investigating the mysteries of the past in order to better understand our present and prepare for the future! We'll be learning all sorts of interesting things this year, from the struggles of early humans to the legalist laws of the Chinese emperors. Come on in and brace yourself for an adventure! 

    As we begin instruction this year, please be sure to check Google Classroom. There are additional resources available for all learners including videos and optional readings that may help you understand the topics better. 


    Back To School Night Presentation

  • First Semester

    1. Historian's Handbook (Building the skills of the discipline)
    2. Early Man
    3. Mesopotamia
    4. Egypt
    5. Israelites  

    Second Semester
    6. Greece
    7. Rome 
    8. India
    9. China 

  • Supply List:
    the most successful students will come prepared with:

    Spiral-bound single subject notebook (at least 100pgs).
    Glue sticks
    Colored pencils
    Lots of regular pencils

    Wish List: I am always in need of white paper, Kleenex, and disinfecting wipes. Any donations would be greatly appreciated, but not required.

  •  Important Due-dates

    Please note that due-dates are flexible based on how the class goes. Project and quiz dates are more likely to be pushed back than brought forward. 

    Jan  1 No School
      8 Lt - Government
      10 Lt - Athens and Sparta
      15 No School
      25 Alexander the Great poster due
      29 Lt - Greek Myths
    Feb 2 Lt - Greek Thinkers
      5 Lt - Legacy of Greece
      8 Greece Unit Test

     Fun activities for Egypt (when we get there!) 


    Mummy Maker


    Pyramid Builder


  • Learning Targets are completed through Google Classroom. The best way to monitor your students progress is to be added as a view only contributor.

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  • For Parents

    Some definitions:
      Office Hours
    : a time during class for students to work on/return to their learning targets, complete vocabulary, and discuss grades/assignments with the teacher.
      Title Page: 3 pictures, colored, that represent the material from the unit. A caption (2-3 sentences) explaining the image.
      Notebook Check: organization check for the unit. Counts as a grade. Sometimes called Unit Check.
      DINB: Digital Interactive Notebook - where we are doing most of our work at the beginning of the year. 


    Below are powerpoints that may help you navigate PowerSchool, Google Classroom, and the McGrawHill online textbook.

    PowerSchool - accessing grades

    Navigating Google Classroom

    Navigating McGrawHill Online Textbook