• Work Permit Process


    ·       Packed can be picked up at the admin office or college career center

    ·       The packet will be completely filled out before it can even process it

    ·       The packet can be returned to the college/career center

    ·       The permit can be picked up the next business day (if the student qualifies)

    Work Permit Qualifications:

    ·       Must have a 2.0 GPA

    ·       Must have less than 10 excused absences

    ·       Unexcused absences must be cleared before a work permit can be issued

    ·       Cannot have more than 10 late/tardy

    ·       Behavior must be in good standing


    ·       Grades will be checked on a monthly basis

    ·       Attendance will be checked on a monthly basis

    ·       Behavior will be decided on the vice principals discretion

    Follow up:

    ·       If grades or attendance drop below the minimum requirement the student will be placed on a contract for 30 days

    ·       If student does not abide the contract the work permit will be terminated

    ·       The work permit can be taken at any time at the discretion of the vice principals

    ·       Student will have to wait until the next grading period to reapply for the permit


    1)  Have the letter ready when you meet with the student.  Explain the reason why the permit is being revoked and let them know she may be eligible at the end of the school year to work again if the following items are satisfied: School attendance, 2.0 GPA, and the behavior is satisfactory.

    2) Contact the parent after you've met with the student.  The parents and/or student may beg and plead to remain working but the Work Permit has requirements that must be met according to the State of CA.  School is their main job and graduation is the objective.

    3) Contact the employer and mail out the notice.

    During the school year contact:
    Manuel Fierro
    916-294-2450 ext 810405


    During the summer contact:
    Elaine Wilcoxon
    916-294-2450 ext 810130