• Welcome to Ms. Lee's 8th grade Language Arts website!  My e-mail address is nlee@fcusd.org  
    Parents/Guardians, please do not hesitate to e-mail me for any questions/comments.  I love the communication.
    Students can refer to my website, along with parents/guardians, for access to homework assignments and any handouts/notes that are presented in class. 
    Note:  For any writing assignment that is graded with a rubric, students may have the opportunity to revise/edit for more credit, even after "final draft," within a designated amount of time (e.g., within 1-2 weeks after final drafts are returned).  I believe the best way to improve one's writing is to improve upon one's own writing.  Again, this is even after we will have brainstormed, written a first draft, peer-edited (often), and revised/edited.  Final drafts that are graded may still be revised/edited for more credit.  However, all the steps of the writing process must be turned in on time in order to do a revision after the final draft.
    Students who do not perform well on quizzes/tests may retake the exam within a week of papers being returned.  Re-takes will typically be a bit harder, and the grade earned on the re-take will be the grade recorded. The date/time for re-takes will always be announced and posted on the board for students and are typically offered during Advisory and occasionally lunch.
    I am always available during Advisory and lunch, and students can check with me if they'd rather come in for help/retakes/etc. before or after school as well.