• balls spinning  PHYSICAL EDUCATION
     February 22-26, 2021

    For the last week of this trimester, you will be learning and practicing dancing one more time.  This week you will explore dances from different countries and cultures.  Make sure you have plenty of space and have fun with it!

    Do the best you can with each lesson - your effort is what counts the most! If you keep working when it gets hard, you will make progress! You can repeat any of the games, exercises, or activities throughout the week for extra physical movement.  If you ever have questions or want to tell me about an activity, you can email me at the address in the upper right corner. 

    Your assigned time to complete lessons is Wednesday and Friday, but I will post the lessons earlier in the week so you can do them when you have time.

    Use the Activity Recording sheet link below to record your physical activity each week.  This is for you to keep track of your activity for the week, it does not have to be turned in to me.  Use the guide on the right side of the Activity Recording Sheet if you want to see how your physical activity compares to jogging a mile.







Mr. Krewson