• balls spinning  PHYSICAL EDUCATION
     September 21-September 25

    Hi Everyone, Hope you are staying healthy! Your new weekly lessons are posted each Monday morning on the left side of this page by grade level, and the previous week's lesson will remain for synchronous time on Monday.  Do the best you can with each lesson - your effort is what counts the most!  You can repeat any of the games or activities throughout the week for extra physical movement.  If you ever have any questions or want to tell me how you did during an activity, you can email me at the address in the upper right corner. 

    Use the Activity Recording sheet link below to record your physical activity each week.  You can print this sheet every 2 weeks to help you keep track.  Use the guide on the right side of the page if you want to see how your physical activity compares to jogging a mile.

    *2nd-5th Grade please read: Have as small (soft) ball or rolled up pair of socks ready for your live synchronous P.E. time!

    Have a fantastic week!






Mr. Krewson