Welcome to Mr. Jimenez's Physical Education class. I have been teaching PE for 25 years at Cordova Villa. I received my credential  from California State University , Chico in 1996. I live in Mather and I have three children. I love my job and teaching your children.  
    During this time when you are at home, please find time to be active for 60 minutes. You can dance with Mr. Jimenez. Please click on Helpful Websites on the left side of my page for links to my videos.  Please  be active anyway you can that will get your heart rate up or your muscles stronger. I miss you guys and hope to see you soon. 
     My youtube channel is It Takes A Villa with Mr. Jimenez. Please click on the activity log so you can monitor your progress of physical activity. 
    In the month of April we are working on ball kicking and dribbling skills with balls, balloons, and paper balls.  We will be working on juggling of balls with our feet and thighs. Then we can kick as hard as we can if we have the space. We will be passing the ball back and forth with a partner.