Hi Gold Ridge students and families,

     My name is Mrs. Allen and I will be teaching Physical Education to all the students at Gold Ridge again this year. I look forward to seeing all the students from last year and how much you have grown over the summer. I also look forward to meeting all the new students at Gold Ridge. I will be posting physical education lessons weekly on my website for you to do at home during distance learning. These workouts can be done individually or if you choose to, you can make these workouts a family activity. This could be a good opportunity for you and your students to stay fit together! I hope you enjoy these activities that I provided for you-- make sure you do them everyday!

    Wash your hands and stay safe!

    Also, please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns. You're also free to email me if you just want to connect with me.

    -Mrs. Allen

    Welcome to Physical Education!

    Let's Get Ready to Move!
    Let's Get Ready to Move!