• P.E. (Physical Education)

    Spring Break, Week of 4/6-4/10

    Hello again! I hope everybody is feeling good, and keeping busy. I'm bike riding almost every day, and building my strength with kettlebells. Even though this week is Spring Break and you're not required to do any school work, I've put together some activities for you because you need to exercise every day (hopefully for 60 minutes)!

    So click on Spring Break to get moving today!

    : )  Ms. B.


    Week of 3/30-4/3

     Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I miss you, and I miss teaching you P.E.. That said, it's great to get back to P.E. business even if it's online. Change can be challenging, but it gives us new opportunities to succeed. So let's get on our new path to success!

    Each week I will give you a lesson to complete sometime during the week. Students in grades K-2 should spend 60 minutes total (not all at once) during the week completing the lesson. Students in grades 4-5 only need to spend 30 minutes total during the week doing the lesson. HOWEVER, since we are all at home and need to get our energy out, please feel free to spend more time and/or days enjoying the lesson. Remember that you should be getting 60 minutes of exercise a day in order have a strong, healthy body and a positive attitude.

    Your P.E. should proceed as follows: complete the warm-up, complete some or all of the P.E. lesson, then complete the cool down. The nutrition, body, and health sections are optional, and can be read and reread throughout the week. (What a great way to teach and quiz your parents!)

    If you would like to explore more P.E. options, please visit the website section.

    So find some space where you're living that is safe and uncluttered, make sure you have clothes on that you can move in, and drink some water when you need to. Remember, P.E. isn't perfect. Just do your best and have fun!

    : )  Ms. B.

    P.S.  A great, easy-to-follow book to create your own P.E. class at home is the Awesome Elementary School Physical Activities book by Cliff Carnes. It has neat illustrations that help to guide you through fun activities and games along with ideas for homemade P.E. equipment.


  • Ms. Blattman
    Physical Education