• May P.E.

    TK and Kindergarten: We are working with our feet this month. We will participate in various activities that reinforce dibbling a ball with our feet and kicking balls.
    1st and 2nd Grades: We have started to throw and catch flying discs (frizbees). Soon we will use our feet to manipulate balls in many different ways.
    3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades: We are throwing and catching flying discs while learning to play Can Jam in many different ways.

    Remember to dress students in cool, comfortable clothes and shoes that they can move in. Students can bring a water bottle, hat, and gloves to P.E..

    On rainy days, we will be inside. We usually go to the stage, but we may also utilize a classroom. While inside I may implement nutrition, science (the human body), and team building activities. These aid our students in increasing their health knowledge and social skills. We may also exercise to DVD's and CD's. These help our students in utilizing their visual and auditory learning skills.