Happy Summer!!!


    We made it through this crazy year!  I hope you all enjoyed PE and learned many things along the way.  Thank you for your patience and your eagerness to complete lessons on your own and show up to my in-person classes.  Seeing your faces helped me through this long, lonely year!


    I hope you enjoy your summer vacation.  I know that I am looking forward to hanging out with my family and friends, floating on the river, going on hikes in the mountains and near the ocean, doing projects around my house, and most importantly relaxing and recharging my battery in preparation for the coming school year!!  I hope you all will find ways to stay healthy and active. Go for walks with your family, ride your bike or scooter, PLAY with your friends, swim in a pool, lake or river (please be safe), run through the sprinklers, help your parents around the house.  Do something you love or try something new!!  The options are endless!  


    I look forward to seeing you all next school year! Have a fantastic summer!


    Have fun! Be safe! Stay healthy!!



  • Kendall Sargent
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