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    2019/2020 School Year
    Room 8 Staff:
    Ms. Moreno
    Ms. Destinee
    Ms. Katelyn
    Ms. Marcie
    Ms. Satbir
    Phone: (916)294-2420 ext. 660208
    Email: cmoreno@fcusd.org
        Best way to reach me outside of the classroom is through email.
      Attention: 2018-19 Navigator IEP's will be held on Wednesdays or Thursdays in the Main Office Conference Room
    1st/3rd Graders Arrival 8:25
    Arrival /Breakfast  8:15-8:35
    Walking Club 8:40-8:50
    Language Arts Groups 9:15-10:05
    Snack/Recess  10:15-10:45
    Whiteboard 10:50-11:05
    Math Centers: 11:15-12:00
    Lunch/Recess 12:05-12:45 
    Calendar 12:50-1:05
    Academic Centers  1:10-1:40
    1st/2nd Grade Dismissal  1:52
    3rd Grade Sensory Break/Walking Club: 1:52-2:00
    3rd Grade  Exploratoty Technology, Science,2:00-2:30
    3rd Grade dismiss 2:30
    Daily Specials
    Art-Mon /Fri 
    OT Tues/Wed