September 29, 2020


    Dear Families,


    This Thursday, October 1st is Curriculum Materials Pick-up day.  Please be sure your student brings  their blue folder back so I can put new work in it for the next pick-up day.

    Check that students are doing their independent work in Google classroom.  Some of these are graded assignments and count for both grades and participation in distance learning.

    Asynchronous or  "independent" work for the 1-2 PM time is in Google Classroom under a tab called "Classwork" for students.  On Mondays, students are meeting wth me in the morning from 8:25 - 9:00 AM.  Then they have morning asynchronous work, followed by regular afternoon asynchronous work after lunch. They should be able to show you their submitted work and display their math scores on the Quick Check math work. 

    Also, I have a lot of missing assignments and will start trying to work with some students after lunch to get caught up.

    If you need any extra help, please let us know or email me.

    If you need tech support, please go here:  https://www.fcusd.org/tech

    Please continue to check at White Rock's homepage and here for updates. 


    Thank you,

    Maryanne Steurer



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