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    Hi, 5th Graders!!

    Please join our Google Classroom NOW to get the meeting invitation to start at 8:25am on Wednesday, August 12th!  Instructions:

    go to Google Classroom

    press the + sign in the upper right corner and Join Class

    - enter class code: dc2uy6x

    - go to the Class Meeting section and under Mrs. Favro-Farruggia there will be a link to click on Wednesday morning

    Important: Come to Room 19 for school supplies and classroom assignment materials on THURSDAY the 13th!!  School will be open from 10am-3pm.

    Welcome to Room 19!  First, I’d like to say that we REALLY miss seeing students and think of you and your families everyday!  I smiled from ear to ear when I opened my class list last week.  I've taught many students' older siblings/cousins, and students themselves in summer school, reading/math groups in 3rd grade when I was an intervention specialist, and sung with many in our school choir!  

    My own daughter is starting kindergarten on August 12th and my 2 year-old son will also be home with me while I'm teaching remotely so please know I have a lot of empathy for all of you who are balancing parenting and all of the other parts of life!  

    Our class will be meeting online daily for live lessons, video lessons and independent offline work.  The first two weeks we will be establishing our routines to ensure our classroom community is safe, respectful and responsible.  

    I recognize that students had a vastly different experience last spring and I will be working closely with the fourth grade teachers to be sure I integrate concepts from the spring into our fifth grade essential standards.  Fortunately, the 4th and 5th grades overlap in many places with rigor increasing in 5th grade.

    Again, welcome to our amazing class.  I look forward to working with students and families!  Giulia Favro-Farruggia





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