• Hello Room 12 parents-

     **********I am no longer updating this website as of 4/22/2020 for the rest of the year. Please go to Google Classroom and Schoology. All links and help line information are relevant. I just will not be posting updates here again for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year.*******


    Please send me an email if you are having tech problems. Unfortunately I don't have a great deal of tech skills but I will try and help! You can also contact the district tech line M-F 7:30-4:30 916 294-9005 ext. 103200

    Please check this website regularly. Once your student becomes more familar with Google Classroom we will move there for most of our communication. Please watch this quick tutorial of Google Classroom with your student. There is one assignment in Google Classroom

     Google Classroom tutorials:





    Please have your student post in Google Classroom if they have been able to get in. I have only seen about 9 students post in google classroom. Students should be looking in Google Classroom AND Schoology DAILY. It's just for your student to check in and explore what Schoology has to offer. We will have some activities that may require your student to go into Schoology.

    Once your student is signed into their google account students can access Benchmark (ELA), Lexia (Grammar/Phonics), I-Ready Reading & Math via The White Rock Website. Click on Clever. Then click "sign in on google"

    Students will be expected to spend 45 minutes PER WEEK on Lexia, I-Ready Reading, and I-Ready Math. There will be a few assignment in Benchmark but there are also reading opportunities on their own through Benchmark.  Two sessions in each per week for about 20-25 minutes each. It is strongly recommended to not do much more than 45 minutes in each per week. Please check my website regularly. If you have specific questions feel free to email me.


    Please review the information for the platform Schoology. The district is asking your student check in daily to our class on there. Students use their username & password I have sent to each student. If you still do not have your student's login information please email me.

    Schoology Home Page


     Mrs. Easton also has some great learning links on her website



    Mrs. Dixon

    Mrs. Dixon
    2nd Grade
    White Rock Elementary
    Email: ykdixon@fcusd.org
    916 294-9180 ext. 650212