• Attention all student-athletes, coaches and parents:

    We hope that all of you are heathly and well. Please help us get back to sports by doing your part to follow Social Distancing Guidelines, wear a mask, stay 6 ft. apart, and wash your hands often. 

    Dear FCUSD Families:

    We are grateful for the collaboration made by our State CIF with the Governor's Office, Department of Education, Department of Public Health and our county.

    As of July 20, 2020, the State and Section CIF have provide a modified sports calendar for the 2020-21 school year CIF SJS Sport Calendar. Please note there are several changes to sports seasons and overlap from one sport to the next. The Fall season will start in December, which will include: G/B Volleyball, Cross Country and Football. The Spring season will start on Feburary for G/B Soccer, G/B Tennis, G/B Wrestling, G/B Basketball and Comp Cheer. All other sports will start on March for Baseball, Softball, G/B Golf, G/B Swimming, Track n Field and Lacrosse (Vista). 

    With the changes for the calendar comes lots of challenges for our students and staff, we will to continue to keep parents informed and ask that coaches communicate important information. Some challenges that we need student-athletes and parents to be aware of include: Grading eligibility (GPA will be determined by the end of the traditional Fall Semester in December), transportation (to and from games will be a challenge because of the impact of condensing the sports into a short period of time), facilities (with overlapping sports, gym and field use will be limited, that may create late practice times), and the changes will effect family holiday times for certain sports that traditionally did not occur. 

    We are excited to have a plan in place from our State and Section Offices, our charge is to plan and provide opportunity for our student-athletes to compete and learn to grow in character. We did not ask for this COVID-19 pandemic, but with the support of our communities, parents, district and schools, we will face the challenges and create unique solution to support our students.  

    Please know that we have worked collaboratively with district staff to address safety concerns as we plan for the upcoming seasons. If you have any questions, please reach out to your coaches or school’s Athletic Director.

    We look forward to reconnecting with our student-athletes as we begin the school year.


    Peter Maroon (Director of Athletics, FCUSD)

    Mark Beamish (CHS Athletic Director)



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  • Lancer,

    We believe in school spirit and pride, our slogan is "Big Red Pride." What does that mean? It means Family, Honor, Dedication and Hard Work. 

    Family: from our deep tradition and legacy of athletes to our community support and involvement, "Once a Lancer, Always a Lancer."

    Honor: those who have come before us and will come after us, need to know we honor the legacies and respect our community. 

    Dedication: give yourself to a bigger cause of supporting each other, become a Lancer for life. 

    Hard Work: we know that whatever we work hard at will earn us the respect of our peers and community. 

    Welcome all Lancers!

    See you at our sporting events, 


    Mark Beamish, CHS AD


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