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    Welcome to English Foundations and Study Skills!


    I have been a Resource Specialist and English teacher at Vista since 2013. I graduated from Sonoma State University with my Bachelor's dergree in English and my secondary teaching credential. I have also received my Master's degree in Special Education from National University. I have loved my experience working with staff and families at Vista. I grew up locally and enjoy the outdoors and taking trips to Tahoe to camp, hike and swim. I am excited for another year working with the iLit curriculum and meeting my new students. 



    This course provides an accelerated, intensive intervention pathway that supports the needs of students whose academic performance, including proficiency in English language arts and literacy in reading and writing, is two or more years below grade level. The materials in this program are designed for students receiving grade level instruction while providing a rich curriculum supporting the five themes: Meaning Making, Language Development, Effective Expression, Content Knowledge, and Foundational Skills. The materials are also designed to accelerate students’ successful reentry into a basic program and include clear instructional plans and tools for entering and exiting the program.
    This course calls for students to engage in a range of tasks (analyze, interpret, assess, integrate and evaluate, collaborate, adapt, apply) that requires the critical thinking,  problem solving, and collaboration demanded of 21st century living and learning, with emphasis on reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.


    •    Students develop the readiness for college, careers, and civic life.
    •    Students attain the capacities of literate individuals.
    •    Students become broadly literate.
    •    Students acquire the skills for living and learning in the 21st century.



    To preview the course expectations for English Foundations, click the following link: 

    English Foundations Course Syllabus



    1st Block - Prep

    2nd Block - English Foundations

    3rd Block - Student Support

    4th Block - General Study Skills

    TEACHER CONTACT INFORMATION: Phone:  (916)294-2410 x410307

    *The best way to contact me is via email at hhealy@fcud.org


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