Welcome to 5th grade...  
    Hello everyone... Welcome to 2nd grade. My name is Mr.Austin and our room number is 10. We are off to a great start this year. We are working hard on all subjects with an emphasis on meeting common core standards. Our theme this year is perseverance as we prepare students for third grade.
    Please check to make sure your child completes his or her homework each night, and reads at least 20-30 minutes everyday after school.   Additionally, provide a quiet place to study and help your child with homework as needed. Homework is sent home every night. Please remember, homework is due everyday right at the beginning of class. Please remember to check over your child's homework every night and check to make sure that all homework has been completed. Last, once you have made sure your child has completed their homework, have your child return their homework each day for check-off. 

    Thank you,

    Mr. Austin
    Cordova Villa Elementary 2nd grade Teacher
    Phone: 366-6181 
    Email: eaustin@fcusd.org