• The last day to turn in any work for Semester 2 will be Friday, May 20th.  Any work turned in after this date will not be included in your final grade!   

    Be warned, students who finish the semester with an incomplete grade will be given an F for their final grade, indicating that the student refused to complete the course of work as assigned by the teacher.

    Douglas Gebhart  

    PLTW Technology
    (916)294-9035 x320682 
    This page contains information for Parents and Guardians.  Students, please visit the Google Classroom page for this class.

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    Mr. Gebhart's Availability for Help Desk/Tutoring  

    Please tell me the day before if you plan to show so I can make sure I can be there to help!

    Syllabus and Surveys


    General Information
    The majority of class business is done through the Google Classroom Learning Management System at Google Classroom.  If your student does not know how to access their Google account, please contact me as soon as possible.
    Remember, the majority of work is done during synchronous learning, and students should only have homework if they do not finish their work in class or if they need to revise an assignment.  Students are more than welcome to turn in assignments at any time.  Their assignments will be found inside their Google Drive and submitted on Google Classroom
    If you would like to see when assignments have been due and what assignment we are working on currently, please log into Google Classroom with your student's class.
    If you are having trouble accessing class websites, please visit https://www.fcusd.org/tech for help and tutorials. If the tutorials don't help, please put in a support request at bit.ly/FCUSDsupport (case sensitive).