Amazing Sutter Families,

    Back to School Night is coming on August 31st from 6-8 PM. I know you are working hard and busy so your time is valuable. All the information you need is available in your student's Google Classroom for 6th Grade Adventures in Science with Mrs. O'Boyle. You can access your child's account using their log-in information for Google Classroom.  You may receive a district email from Lil Sis that is an invitation to join and get updates on your child's progress in google classroom.  I encourage you to join to stay up to date on your child's progress. My Sutter teacher website will simply direct you to my Google Classroom so save yourself the time by going straight to Google Classroom. All the current work, assignments, agendas, and class information is posted in Google Classroom. Getting comfortable with the sight will help you support your child.  Power School is what you can use to see student grades, missing assignments, what they can do to get a higher score, be sure the score is entered correctly...  Parents have their own sign-in for PowerSchool.  Please contact the office if you do not have your parent power school login.

    Once in Google Classroom do the following steps: go to the Classwork tab, then find the Topic "Student and Parent Resources". Locate the Back-to-School Night slide and video presentation". Please open and view the entire slide deck and screencasts within the slides by August 31st if you are unable to attend Back-to-School Night. I cover all the questions you may ask or I have been asked in the past. If I miss something please reach out. I am here to help.

    My preferred contact is e-mail ay soboyle@fcusd.org for questions. Please include your student scientists in training first and last name as well as the period I have them, so I can more efficiently support you.  I will respond within 24 hours or less.  If you do not hear from please email again I am usually very good at checking email but glitches do happen.

    I am really looking forward to a remarkable year of in-person science with you and your child! All students and families were superstars through the last school year and gained valuable skill sets in technology use and perseverance.  We will continue to use and build new skills while incorporating hands-on labs and activities.  You are appreciated and make a difference as a valuable part of your child's success. I am so grateful for you and your students!

    Thank you,
    Mrs. O'Boyle

    BTSN Google Slides  (Adventures in Science)

    BTSN Video Presentation  (Adventures in Science)

    BTSN Advisory Slides

    you are essentialwelcome classroom
    Adventures in Science with Mrs O'Boyle 

    Every Choice Matters!
    Together we will make 6th-grade science a grand adventure for all.  Your scientist in training has a wonderful large new room, new materials, and new curriculum in store for them when we return to school. You should have received a TCI Bring Science ALive red 6th Grade Textbook and a new Chromebook.  If you did not receive either of these please contact the school for the next distribution day.  We will start the year developing relationships for a safe learning environment, review the code of conduct, and get familiar with the Google Classroom, Clever/TCI online Platforms, and my teacher website. I will be posting the weekly agenda with learning targets, daily activities, what is due, if any handouts are given, and more information in Google Classroom. My teacher website will not be updated but directs you to Google Classroom where all agendas and most assignments and materials may be accessed. The students google classroom will have all the information we actually do and will be most current. Please use Google Classroom to see student's work while tracking PowerSchool grades for completion.  I will share tips at back-to-school night with you to be sure your scientist is learning and participating.  I do not generally give homework.  I give classwork with time in class to complete the work. Any unfinished classwork does become homework.  However, if your child is spending more than 15-30 minutes a week on science at home we should get together and brainstorm and solve the concern. Please keep in touch with me and check in on your student when you have questions. I am so looking forward to working with each of you this year.  Together we will all have a fantastic year in science.  I appreciate, your support and time.
    Mrs O'Boyle 

    6th Grade “Adventures in Science” Syllabus 

    Welcome to Science! This year we will explore three branches of science: Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. The syllabus is meant to inform you about class expectations and guidelines. After reading the syllabus together (parent/guardian and student), please fill out the associated Google Form.

    Instructor Information and Communication: 

    Please contact me at any point during the school year with any questions or concerns. I can meet virtually with you to answer any questions or give extra help; however, please make arrangements ahead of time to ensure that I am available. 

    • Email: soboyle@fcusd.org (the best form of contact)
      • Important for all email inquiries- Please always include students' complete name and class period in the subject line of your message to help me speed up my response.
    • School Phone Number: (916)294-9035 extension 320907 
    • Agenda/Assignment: will be posted and viewable in students Google Classroom 
    • SMS Room A 207  
    • Prep: 2nd Period Prep
      • Monday -Thursday 10:15 AM- 11:07 AM
      • Friday 9:40 AM-10:22
    • Intervention available by appointment 

    Course Description and Goals: 

    The content we will be focusing on is Earth Science (the study of the Earth), Physical Science (the study of inanimate natural objects), and Life Science (the study of living organisms and their associated processes). Throughout the year we will integrate the practice of mathematics and engineering with relevant science topics to gain a better understanding of the natural world around us. 


    The following are the topics of study that we will cover during this school year: 

    • Earth:
      • Earth’s Systems
      • Earth and Human Activity
    • Life:
      • From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes
      • Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits
    • Physical:
      • Energy


    Science Materials:

    Provided Materials

    Suggested Materials

    • TCI: Bring Science Alive
    • Chromebook
    • One 70 page college-ruled notebook exclusive to science 
    • Pencils and Pens 
    • Colored Pencils or Crayons 
    • Pencil
    • Pencil Sharpener 
    • Glue Sticks 
    • Scissors 
    • Basic Calculator
    • White Out 
    • Highlighters (Green, Yellow, Pink) 
    • Ruler


        Grading Policy: 

    I have high expectations for all students and expect each student’s personal best; I believe all students can reach their desired grade through hard work and dedication! The grading scale is as follows:

    90-100% = A

    80-89% = B

    70-79% = C

    60-69% = D

    Below 59% = F

          Grades will be based upon the following categories:

    ✓ Approximately 70% - SEP’s (Science & Engineering Practices) & Labs

    ✓ Approximately 30% - Assessments (quizzes, tests & projects)

    Students have the opportunity to revise assignments and retake assessments for a better grade 1 time. 


    Assessments include quizzes, tests, and projects. Most assessments will be in the form of projects or written responses where students can demonstrate their knowledge to the best of their ability. Following quizzes and exams, 1 retake will be available (based on teacher discretion) after students have time to re-learn the material. Not all work will be graded; some classwork and assignments allow students to practice skills for mastery. Many of the graded assessments will be evaluated using a rubric-based system (5 - Advanced, 4 - Above Proficient, 3.5- Proficient, etc.). Students are always encouraged to review the rubric before turning in work. Grades will be available on PowerSchool along with brief assignment descriptions and make-up opportunities. Select assignment descriptions will also be posted in more detail in Google Classroom. If a mistake was made in entering scores or grading, it can easily be corrected with evidence of the completed work. Most tests and quizzes are open notes, please do not throw away or get rid of any work for science until the last day of school. 


    Classwork/Homework Policy: 

    I expect students to complete all classwork assignments and to turn them in on time with their names and period on their paper. 


    Assignment/Quiz/Test Corrections: 

    Each quiz/exam/assignment correction is allowed by teacher discretion.  Students who wish to revise any classwork must turn it in prior to the end of the unit.  Students may revise their work for a re-grade one time.


    Make-up Policy: 

    Students must regularly attend class and participate in the lesson(s) to the best of their ability. The science content is cumulative and gaps in information can occur when a student is not present in class. Students will be given two days per day absent to make up any assignment missed. If a student is absent it is their responsibility to get and complete all missed work by following in google classroom, seeking out the teacher for help and or peers.  Students are to use Google Classroom to stay informed of our daily activities, due dates, and any work. Students can also utilize advisory time to receive help and get clarification on assignments. 


    Full Values Contract: 

    1. I agree to work together as a group and do my best toward individual and group goals.
    2. I agree to stick to safety and group behavior guidelines.
    3. I agree to give and receive both positive and constructive feedback.

    The 3 Personal Standards: 

    • Show Respect 
      1. Treat staff, students, and self with kindness and grace. 
      2. We will respect the teacher’s right to teach and everyone’s right to learn.
        1. Examples: Dialogue protocol-one person speaks at a time, eyes track the talker. 
    • Make Good Decisions
      1. We agree to follow all classroom expectations. 
      2. We agree to be present and focused during all class sessions.
      3. We agree to have integrity and work cooperatively/collaboratively with all our classmates.
      1. Be responsible to say or do only things that encourage or build others up. Follow class/school safety rules and procedures. 
    • Solve Your Problems
      1. Part of your future success is going to be the ability to solve 

    your problems and present solutions. If you do not know what to do, ask for help at the appropriate time, be prepared, do your work, collaborate with others... The reality is we are all good at something. We accept this reality and agree to do our best even if things are hard. Accepting others in their weaknesses and celebrating their strengths. We agree to say positive things about others or nothing at all. 


    Let the adventure begin!


    When we return to the Classroom I am often asked, "What my Classroom Wish List Items Are?'  Here are some things I often wish for if you are interested in helping out when we return to classes.--Thank You in advance for your consideration:

    • Reams of copier paperwhite and/or color
    • Tissue Boxes & Paper Towels
    • Poster Paper Post Its
    • Rolls of Tape 
    • Colored Pencils and Crayons
    • Pencils and Pencil Sharpeners
    • Golf pencils
    • Microbial clothes and hand soap "not hand sanitizer or Clorox wipes" (
    • Always need quart and large Gallon Size ziplock bags
    Thank You,
    Mrs O'Boyle          




    The Next Generation Science Standards

    Science education is going through an exciting shift, implementing more hands-on, phenomenon-based learning to help our students learn how to be critical thinkers and real-world problem solvers.



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    The Wonders of our Natural World

    Adventure in Science







    Email: soboyle@fcusd.org (best form of contact) 

    Important on parent and student email inquiries- Please always include the Full Name and Period of your student in the subject line of your message to help me speed up my response.


    Google Voicemail: (916) TBD Coming Soon (Please note that I will not answer calls during instructional time or meetings) 


    School Phone Number: (916)294-9035 extension 320907 (not able to access except for days I work at school)


    Teacher Website Home Page Link: https://www.fcusd.org/Domain/2693  


    RoomSMS Room A 207  


    Prep: 2nd Period Prep

    Monday -Thursday 10:15 AM- 11:07 AM

    Friday 9:40 AM-10:22 AM  


    Advisory is the best time to get a hold of me for student help is during Advisory Monday-Thursday 8:50-9:13 AM. Student Intervention is available upon request during lunch or before or after school Tuesday and Thursday by appointment.  I do my best to respond to messages and emails within the day.