There is a great deal in the news lately about school dress codes—middle schools, high schools, even colleges are taking heat for enforcing standards of dress. As with any topic that speaks to today’s youth, the conversations have gone viral and not all opinions appear to be informed nor based on an understanding of the facts surrounding the controversy. 

     So we would like to give you a better understanding of our motives and concerns, as well as give you an opportunity to give us your opinions.  After all, we are partners in your child’s education, and we value your input and expertise.

     First, we’d like to explain why we feel boys and girls at the high school level should still be expected to adhere to a dress code, and why we continue to take it seriously.  

     Vista’s dress code policy was designed to prepare young people for college and the workplace by emphasizing the importance of how they present themselves.   As adults, we understand that how we present ourselves at an evening social gathering is usually very different than how we would present ourselves in our workplace; what we would wear to the beach or on vacation is typically very different from what we would wear to work.  This may sound obvious to many of us, but you would be surprised to learn how many parents of college grads are now hiring life/career coaches to help their children learn how to dress and present themselves more professionally in order to find employment.  We believe college and career-readiness begins in high school.

     At the same time, we also believe we need to provide some freedom for students to express themselves through fashion.  The tricky part is finding a balance.

     When students are in violation of the dress code policy, they are provided a school-issued shirt or shorts to wear until the end of the school day.  Loaned clothing is laundered daily on campus, so students are always provided with clean, appropriate clothing.   We instituted this practice for two reasons: first, because not all parents are available during the school day to bring clothing to school; and second, because we found that having students arranging for clothing to be delivered to school throughout the day was  very time consuming for the front office and an interruption to school business and instruction. 

     Students have signed a dress code contract and will revisit the rules in Advisory during the first week.  We ask your help in making sure your child(ren) understand the dress code and why it’s important.  Thank you!


    Dress Code Policy

    Regardless of guidelines below, Vista Administration will have the final determination as to whether a student’s attire is appropriate for school.

    What Not To Wear

     Students who wear inappropriate clothing to school will be sent to the office to contact parents and see the vice-principal.  The infraction will be noted in the student’s discipline file and the student will be issued a school shirt or shorts to wear for the day.  Because it can be a disruption to learning, parents may not bring replacement garments for students to wear.